Missy's Med Exams & Enemas
colonic-tube enema

Missy is a beautiful 18 y.o. runaway who trains as a nurse. She discovers that the training consists of receiving an extended med exam, and a gruesome series of enemas – including with an antique, large metal syringe, a gigantic metal nozzle and a long colonic tube. When she can’t take it any more, she gets immobilized in a straitjacket and receives yet another enema! Missy’s embarrassment is greatly increased by having to expel her enemas (into buckets and in the toilet) in clear sight of the male doctor who performs her exams.................

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colonictube enema
bag enema with metal nozzle
rectal exam
If you like enemas as a part of anal play, or punishment scenes, or watersports, or bizarre penetrations,
or other scenarios then you are in the right place!
Colonic enema med exam
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